Worship Service starts at 9:30 AM CST


Come and join us here at The Mountain! We have powerful worship and fellowship every Sunday morning. Get ready for an anointed message straight from God's Holy Word.

Frequently you will be able to come forward for prayer. Our Spirit led prayer team will lay their hands on you and agree with you in prayer for your victory. Be prepared to see the "mountains" in your life be uprooted and cast into the sea!

Finally, stay with us for a few minutes after the service and enjoy some refreshments in our Mountain Java Cafe. This is a great time to rejoice in the breakthroughs God's Word brings. You may be surprised at how warm and welcoming our members are, we really do want to get to know you! Make a decision to join us this Sunday and see it all for yourself!

Sunday Nursery and children's ministry available from 3 to 3rd Grade. For children under 3, there is a quiet room where you may watch the live service and comfortably care for your young children.



Service at 7:00 - 8:00 PM CST

Bible StudyAdult Bible Study with Pastor David J. Gonzalez
1st Wed of the Month - Healing Service
2nd Wed of the Month - Questions & Answers
3rd, 4th/5th Wed of the Month - The Minor Books


not depart smChildren's Bible Study
Age 3 thru 3rd Grade ~ 
We believe that children are the future and that children's Bible studies should not be "dumbed down". Instead we teach our children's classes with accuracy to instill a solid faith foundation. You can be assured that your children will be developing the same powerful biblical understanding that you have been developing! Then rejoice for when they grow old they will not depart from it.