God has given us a GREAT Vision here at Mountain Faith Church!

There are ways for you to participate in the spreading of the Gospel and the raising up of the saints! You can partner with us financially in any way and in any amount. No offering is too small or too large for what we want to do.

It is our desire to reach the lost as aggressively as possible. If God has blessed you financially, would you consider giving back to His Kingdom part of what He has blessed you with?

Est September 7, 1997

  Ministry Goals For 2020  
  1. Teach and preach on the Prophetic and End-Time events.
  2. Quadruple the number of TV stations we are broadcasting through by June 1, 2016.
  3. Have the ministry be debt free by June 1, 2016
  4. Go on one International Television station
  5. Buy 1 HD Wide-screen television camera for $7,500.
  6. Teach online Hebrew courses. Create Lesson Plan B for advanced students
  7. Plan a HOLY LAND TOUR for February 2017 for our partners and friends.
  8. Triple our Partner Support!
  9. Encourage the reposting of our VIMEO Channel FREE 1 hour Messages.
  10. Have Pastor & Wife visit Holy Land
  11. Reach more people than ever before with our ministry.
  12. Create and start a Holy Spirit Radio Ministry.
  13. Complete and publish two books by year end 2016.

Can you help in part or in full with this vision? Use the ability that you have in your hand!

Jesus said that if you can be trusted with unrighteous wealth (the monetary system of this day and age) then you can be trusted with true riches.

Become a part of the body of Christ in a greater way through your support and gifts for this great vision.

Thanking you in advance.

Your partner in advancing His kingdom,

David J. Gonzalez, Mountain Faith Church