Foreign Missions

Paul Daniel-India
This ministry works on saving souls and starting new churches in India. Rev. Paul Daniel now has 14 churches throughout his region in India, and he reaches people by traveling from village to village. Many souls have been saved in his ministry despite India being a mostly Hindu culture. He is reaching thousands with the power of God, and he regularly sees the manifest presence of God's Holy Spirit in healings and in demonic deliverance.
Paul Daniel - India

Pastor George & Mary Thiongo'-Nairobi, Kenya
Pastor George now has 3 churches in the poorest sections of Kenya just outside of Nairobi. Currently he is building a fourth church in Massia-land, and believing God for his source of supply. We give heavily to this ministry, as they feed the very poor and starving people around them in these large slums in Kenya. His churches are not large brick and mortar structures, but rather large tin buildings without windows or facilities that you would expect. As native Kenyans themselves, Pastor George and his wife Mary have placed themselves deep in the heart of the need there, and are doing powerful work for the gospel.
Pastor George & Mary Thiongo' - Nairobi, Kenya

Pastor George & Mary Thiongo' - Nairobi, Kenya

Founder Rev. George Thiong'o

Church Planting
Dear man of God,
Bwana asifiwe I believe you are answering a big amen. My family and the entire church we are fine. We have continued to fight a good fight of faith. Thank you very much Man of God for the work you are doing for the Lord it is not in vain you will be rewarded here on earth and also in heaven. I received your gift, may almighty continues to enlarge your territory. The gift helped us to do a lot because it was in that week we were opening the Kingston church officially we bought sodas and food tor the congregation. We celebrated with, joy seeing what God have done. Am very grateful for you been part of us in this Ministry God send you to us with a divine reason we will still continue to bide together for the Glory of God. Therefore since we have this ministry as we have received mercy we do not lose heart 2 Cor 4:1 for the perfect has come we do away with old 1 Cor 13:10. With that may God continue to hide you where the devil can do no harm. Salute your family and the entire church. Stay blessed.
Yours in service
Rev. George Thiong'o




Reverend Geoffrey & Edith Kioko-Nairobi, Kenya
Rev. Geoffrey Kiokois thefounder and director ofThe Word In Season Ministries,an African indigenous missionary initiative. He conducts evangelistic crusades,healing services, church leaders' conferences and seminars across the poor villages and towns of Africa. Coupled with this is a prayer mobilization and intercessory training structure.He also heads theWorld Intercessory Network; a ministry of the Word In Season Ministries, which has 306 prayer committees, and over 10,000 prayer partners in 9 African countries! Their missionary work also includes; organizing free medical clinics, mobilizing help for orphanages; and distributing clothes, food and water to the poor and famine strickenareas of Kenya, and many other African countries. Currently he is believing God for finances to buy land and built a missionary training center for African indigenous missionaries. Also, the ministry needs 2 four-wheel drive trucks for missions. This will cut on the costs of traveling and greatly increase their missionary activity and effectiveness.

Reverend Kioko lives in Nairobi, Kenya, with his wife Edith of 8 years, along with his 2 children and one adopted daughter.

Website:The Word In Season.

Reverend Geoffrey & Edith Kioko - Nairobi, Kenya

Reverend Geoffrey & Edith Kioko - Nairobi, Kenya


three pastors
Dear David,
Thank you for helping with this $300 for this sesmester of Bible School for these three pastors(pictured right)they are a little older, but we start where we are and the 14 year civil war keep them out of school. Here are the names of the scholarship students Asst. Pastor Stephen D. Lewis Jr. 28 years, Asst. Pastor Benedict S.T. Dargbeh 32 years, Asst. Pastor Fester W. Tarpeh 33 years. I am setting up our iteneration house close to Twyla's parents, we have not focused on rising support for the last ten years. We need to move to another level to see our vision move forward. I hope you can become one of our monthly supporting churches, we have asked the Lord to give 100 churches to help with $100 a month or more. Then seven to help with $1,000 a month. The offices of ALA and FCW in Chicago are open, we will be in and out of that office and warehouse this year. We are scheduled in Brazil in November 2007. Thank you again for your helping these students, thus helping us. Thank you for putting us on your mailing list, we want to beleive with you as well for God's great vision given to you there. Praise God, Blessings,
Eldon L. Tracy Missionary -Apostle l

Pastor Matthew Buckley
Botswana, Africa