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April 17, 2014

Easter is a special time of year.  Outside of Easter, the only international holiday that involves more acceptance is Christmas.  Yet over the last 30 years or so, many Christians have been embarrassed into the closet on celebrating what should be one of the two the most joyous celebrations of all time.

In this short letter, I will debunk:

  1. The Easter calendar date came from pagans.
  2. That Easter eggs came from pagans.
  3. That Easter feasts and family get-togethers came from pagans.

Today we are inundated with false doctrine, which is a sign of the coming great apostasy of the church.  If someone famous makes some critical comment on a generally accepted orthodox belief, then Christians out of Love for God the Father, back out in fear of offending God.  And while some criticism is good and healthy, today most criticisms that are aimed at the church come from “doctrines of demons” (1 Timothy 4:1).  Because I have devoted so much time to the study of the early church and the early church fathers, ancient Judaism, and the pre-flood history of the world, I can also prove conclusively that: 1. The Pope is not the antichrist.  2. That aliens do not exist.  3. That there is a real Rapture of the church coming.  4. That the fossil record came from the flood of Noah. 5.  And that Sunday is the legitimate day to Worship our LORD.  Too many so-called religious leaders are all too willing not to study scripture and church history, but are willing to repeat unverified and baseless anti-Christian doctrine.

So it goes with our Easter holiday.  My first proof is this.  What came first, good or evil?  In Genesis God said, “Let there be light”.  Light, the universe, and the first six days of creation were filled with His love and His goodness.  There was no evil.  Then Adam and Eve sinned, Cain killed Able, then men became evil and “perverted their way upon the earth, and God was sorry that He ever made man”.    It has always been man that had perverted goodness, stolen ideas, stolen celebration dates, even stolen aspects of Christianity, and perverted it into paganism.  Christianity was not birthed out of pagans, but pagans birthed evil rites and practices out of Christianity, and in the early church, were immediately dismissed as heretics.   Many early church fathers were witnesses to the original disciples of our Lord, or were directly taught by those who personally knew and lived with one of them.  Ignatius 35-107AD, Irenaeus 130-200AD, Eusebius 260-340 AD, and many others are excellent examples.

Jesus was crucified during the Passover, a feast of celebrating, ordained by God through Moses, as a commemoration of the Israelites safely leaving Egypt and despoiling the Egyptians.  Jesus was the perfect Sacrifice, and Passover was a shadow of the completion of the ministry of Jesus.  What a wonderful Day to remember for all humanity!  This celebration began on the 14 day of Nissan, a date that varies with the standard calendar, as this date is dependent on the cycles of the moon, and our regular calendar is called a yearly solar calendar, as it is fixed each year.  So, 14 Nissan, and the resulting celebrations can fall on different days of the week, and does so again this year.  However, on the very day that Jesus was resurrected on, called RESURRECTION DAY, the day that according to the Bible and historians was on the first day of the week, Sunday.

The Early Church became divided over a period of 200-300 years as to what was the right date.  Some felt they should keep the lunar calendar fixed by God for Moses and the Jews, while others unfamiliar with that type of dating system felt that the Day of Resurrection should fall yearly on the First Day of the Week, Sunday, denoting in part a NEW DAY FOR ALL MANKIND.  It also made sense to many Gentiles who had no contact with Judaism, and their way of deciding days, months and years.  Through many meetings, letters and heated discussions, it was decided to keep the unity of the faith, and not to cause divisions, that this great new CELEBRATION BE HONORED CHURCH-WIDE BY CELEBRATING ON THE SAME DATE EVERYWHERE.  In particular, even Irenaeus who held to the Jewish date of 14 Nissan agreed that PEACE SHOULD PREVAIL.  If you look at both Judaism and Christianity, you’ll find a progressive religion, that is, things added for the sake of proper ministry to God the Father.  All these decisions have been COPIED BY PAGANS, but not generally incorporated from pagan cultures.  In fact, paganism has never invented anything, only perverted good and turned it into evil.  The EGGS ASSOCIATED TODAY WITH EASTER ARE FROM THE PESACH MEAL (The Last Supper) that Jesus Himself celebrated with His disciples.  The whole concept to the Jews was a time of FASTING THEN FEASTING.  The Christian Church in general does that same thing, with family get-togethers, large dinners, and celebrations in honor of the MOST SPECIAL DAY, WHEN OUR ETERNAL SALVATION WAS PURCHASED. 

It is the enemy’s design to have us grow fearful of the most powerful event in history, the BLOOD SHED FOR ETERNAL FORGIVENESS FOR ALL WHO ACCEPT HIM!  So, the current EASTER date was carefully selected by the early Church Fathers, and the feasts are part of the honor of the day, and eggs did not just show up accidentally as part of the meal and celebration.

Join us personally with your presence on this most Holy Day, what we call Easter Sunday!

I hope to see you there!



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