Wednesday 9:30am, March 13th, 2013

The Circus

By David J. Gonzalez

            As I study and prepare for this Sunday’s message on the Prophecies concerning the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD, I am reminded again about how deceived many can quickly become concerning Satan’s manipulation of the Church.

            One of my favorite scriptures for many years has been the prophecies of Micah.  In Micah 3:11 it says, “Her leaders pronounce judgment for a bribe, Her priests instruct for a price, And her prophets divine for money. Yet they lean on the Lord saying, "Is not the Lord in our midst? Calamity will not come upon us."  Three facets of the Church are here with us today, just as in the days of Yeshua during His earthly ministry, and they are: Leaders, Priests, and Prophets.

            We have been given the Spirit of God as a promise, and we have been given the Word as a strong Tower.  When I read and meditate on Proverbs for example, my mind is trained on behavioral patterns in myself first, then in others.  In part, the insight I have received from Proverbs is extraordinary in intellectually discerning someone’s secret mindset.  This is not Spiritual discernment, but intellectual, which if anyone really took the book of Proverbs seriously that was not a Christian, they would learn a great deal about human behavior patterns from it.

            What is the human behavioral pattern that we see in Micah?  Three sets of respected ministry leaders, separate in their offices and callings, yet united in a common belief, “Is not the Lord in our midst.”  It has always been hard for humans and Christians in particular, to comprehend that the deceptions related in the scriptures, might be happening in their world very close by.  The interesting thing about deception, is this; You do not know that when you are deceived, that you are deceived!

            For the last 20 years you may have noticed as I have, that there has been an increasing amount of ministries joining together in this three callings collaboration.  We have seen one movement after another, which teaches nothing to its unsuspecting congregations, except to have excitement without teaching the Word.  The result is dumbed-down Christianity; excitement without permanency, direction without vision, and experience without education.

            Let me list some examples:

            One ministry tape I purchased years ago had its two sides filled with laughter.  No praise, no Bible reading, just laughter.  Even the Comedy Channel hasn’t tried that one yet.  “60 Minutes” did a piece on the one movement that had a great deal of laughter and shaking associated with it. One woman in the group interview shook the entire time, as if possessed with a bad disease.  If the Holy Spirit does that to people I told my wife, then who would want to be next to someone like that on the highway driving with the Holy Spirit?

            Then there were the crowing and barking ministries.  Many of my associates, friends, and ministry leaders, wanted that anointing.  No scriptures that I vigorously taught them and implored them to consider would work.  So they went to the meetings.  What did they come back with?  I’m not sure.  But I can tell you that I tried that ministry on numerous occasions before I got saved.  With a bottle in one hand while crowing and howling, I only was to be embarrassed in the morning, recognizing my need for a personal God and for deliverance.  I learned more than they did and got saved!

            We’ve had glitter and feathers, the “gold dust” of God, and Holy Spirit “feathers” around the floor after meetings.  Upon further inspection as it turned out was $1.75 Wal-Mart crafts and goose feathers.  Does anyone in ministry actually read their Bibles?  The Holy Spirit is a Person, the Third Person of God.  He is NOT a bird.  If He needed to fly, then feathers would no more be His first choice of a propulsion system than would feathers be on a modern airplane.  If you see feathers glued to the wings of your airplane, then get off quickly and do not use that carrier again!  By the way, the Chariot of God is made up of Angels, and not feathers.

                       I have many more examples of this to share, but what is the point?  As soon as we look back and say to ourselves that we never really bought into to that new “anointing”, Satan introduces a new lie of false worship, which again becomes a phenomena and draws vast crowds.  Which brings me to the Circus.  You’ve heard it many times before, “that was a three ring circus”, in not so flattering a tone.  Not all Leaders, Not all Priests, and not all Prophets. 

But I did not say this; The Holy Spirit did through Micah the prophet.  So let’s unravel the hidden deceptions.

  1. The Leaders judge for a bribe.  Leaders here are not political as we understand them today.  Apart from the rule of Rome, Israel was guided by the Leaders of the Jews, or in part the Sanhedrin.  Those seventy rulers frequently took bribes.  The parable Jesus taught us in Luke 18:2-4 defines that point; “In a certain city there was a judge who did not fear God and did not respect man.  "There was a widow in that city, and she kept coming to him, saying, 'Give me legal protection from my opponent.' "For a while he was unwilling; but afterward he said to himself, 'Even though I do not fear God nor respect man...”.   However the bribes come to a respected religious leader, in the form of speaking engagements, flattery, book promotions, or free airtime; These Leaders, or Judges, will look the other way concerning homosexual traveling ministers, adulterous music ministries, lying-but-profitable funding raising ministers, and every other type of carnality.
  2. The Priests instruct for a price.  Some (not all) traveling ministries must have a minimum guarantee for travel.  That IS the right thing to accept on their behalf, for the workman is worthy of his hire.  But how about the highest price speakers?  They cannot come if the venue will not meet a specific minimum.  However, I know of ministries that are at the top of their game, and will fly to nowhere for nothing, and will stay teaching like it was to tens of thousands.  
  3. The Prophets divine or “prophesy” for money.  Micah was a great prophet, yet a prophet like him today would get little attention.  A good prophet understands biblical prophecy FIRST, before he can accurately prophesy over others.  Today we have “Prophetic” everything.  If you prophesy over well-dressed folks in a large meeting, tell them nice things, invent grand futures which God never intended for them, then most church people would approve of those so-called Prophets.  The more they prophesy, the more money they make in the meetings, and the more people that are deceived.  Years ago I received a tape of one such “prophecy” from someone who was invited to one of these meetings, who was a God-fearing man and known publicly as being a man with a big heart for God.  He went to this prophetic meeting and gave as expected.  As I listened to the tape of the ‘prophet’, it was words that could have been used for anyone.  However, at his age, it was definitely not words for him.  Since then, I have heard and SEEN many such Prophetic errors.


I know that teaching about Biblical prophecy, is not as exciting to the flesh as having a personal word of prophecy, but teaching is VERY important.  I know that a good Priest says things that the rebellious do not want to hear, so a milk toast Priest might be a more likable fellow.  I know that truth and righteousness is necessary in the pulpits of America today, but Religious leaders who turn a blind eye to grievous sins in pulpits such as; sins of adultery, fornication, wife stealing, and homosexuality; that those religious leaders will certainly make more friends and have more prestige. 

      If you read the next verse in Micah, you can see the fallout of all this unchecked religion.  Micah 3:12, “Therefore, on account of you Zion will be plowed as a field, Jerusalem will become a heap of ruins, And the mountain of the temple will become high places of a forest.”  In the following year 71AD, the Romans ran a plow through Jerusalem and turned it into a heap of ruins.

      Every Old Testament prophecy fulfilled still has another fulfillment, or a double reference, or a shadow of things to come.  The great apostasy of the current Modern-day Church will not come from the next Pope, or Rome, or even from Islam.  The Great Apostasy in these last days, just before the Trumpet Call, will come from WITH-IN THE CHURCH and also within so called Holy Spirit circles.

      I do not wish it, but a plow is coming to this circus.

May all the Glory go to God.


Pastor David Gonzalez was ordained by Dr. Hilton Sutton, who before

He died just one year ago, was considered by many to be,

“The senior, living, end-time Prophet, In the Earth”.