Revealing Hebrew

Revealing Hebrew with Pastor David J. Gonzalez

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January 21, 2013


Ignore those Loud Noises

Revealing Hebrew with David Gonzalez

When the King James Bible was published in 1611, some today contend that although excellent Hebrew scholars assisted in the translation of the original Hebrew, that more use of Rabbinical Jewish Historians could have assisted in the translation; since the Old Testament reflects Ancient Jewish Beliefs, and not simply words and sentences. The reality is, even with all that we possess today for study materials, we as Christians still need the help of ancient Jewish theological writings to reach the “intended message” in any particular scripture structure.

Take for example Psalms 37:16,

A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked.” KJV

I have underlined our areas of interest in this verse, but first let’s look at another interpretation to get a better understanding.

“Better is the little of the righteous than the abundance of many wicked. NASB

These two seem to be in agreement. It appears as if it is saying, that it is better to be financially poor and righteous, than financially rich and wicked. Sure enough, this is a proper Biblical axiom.

But what does the original Hebrew language say concerning this verse; since Judaism has always taught prosperity when one follows YHVH.

Remember that all Hebrew has layers of information waiting to be revealed, just like the peeling of an onion. Layers inside of layers. So let’s take this apart using the KJV wording.


The word is pronounced MEE-AHT. Read these three letters from right to left; Mem, Ayin, Tet. Notice the dot at the bottom of the Mem? That produces an EE sound. So say it, "ME". Good. The middle letter Ayin is normally silent, but there is a little line at the bottom of it that produces an AAH sound. Say it together with the Mem, "ME-AAH" Very good. Now the last letter is the Tet, producing a "T" ending consonant. All together now, "MEE-AHT". Excellent!

The Strong’s’ Concordance number for this word is #4592, and the word means LITTLE OR FEW. It is not necessarily a reference to money or finances, but a reference to the quantity of a thing. The root word for this is #4591, and does not mean money at all, but only TO BE SMALL OR FEW in number. Now onto the second word.


This word is pronounced HAA-Mone. These four letters are right to left; Hei, Mem, Vav, and what’s known as a Final Nun. Now lets’ sound it out. The Hei has an ‘H’ sound, but it has a little T at its base, producing an AAH sound. Together it sounds like HAH. The Mem is an ‘M’ sound with no other attached vowel sound, so it begins a new syllable. The letter Vav has a little dot at the top of the letter, giving it an ‘O’ sound. Vav is normally a ‘V’ sound, but with the little dot above it, it goes silent, and it sounds like ‘O’. The last letter is the Nun, which gives it an ‘N’ sound, and with the Vav-O just before it, together it is pronounced "OWN". Together this word sounds like "Hah-MOWN".

This Hebrew word means "a sound, noise, tumult, murmuring; a crowd, to disquiet (to make raucous or noisy)”. This is not a term for money either. Nor does it refer to material wealth.

So lets’ put these original thoughts back into the verse and see what happens.

“MORE POWERFUL ARE the FEW of the righteous, Than the SOUND, the NOISE, the TUMULT, and the MURMURING, (the DISQUIETING PERSONALITY), of many wicked”

Now that looks different, doesn’t it.

More powerful are a few righteous people, with calm faith in God, than all the noises that the wicked make to scare us. All the evil the wicked use to get us to give in and fail, are nothing compared to the power resident in us is, if we choose to use it.

Peter saw that the wind was contrary and began to sink. The sound, roar, and murmur, was just wind. Elijah confronted a nation and won it back for God. Jesus told the demons to be quite and cast them out with a Word.

Five can put a hundred to flight, and two can put ten thousand to flight. Lev 26:8

Remember to be still in the storms of life. Take the right action, and do not lose your good confession just because of a little wind. The wicked only prosper for a season. You are more powerful if you use the weapons of our warfare. Smile and say, “I got this.”

So, “More spiritually and wonderfully powerful, are the few righteous in the church, than the all the sound, roar, and murmur, of many wicked (all those who do not accept Jesus as LORD)!”



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January 11, 2013


Friends & More Friends

Revealing Hebrew with David Gonzalez


Many people currently use Facebook as a means to feed the passion to be accepted and liked. I myself am someone who uses Facebook for the purpose of spreading the Gospel of Yeshua; Yet, I find some posts simply startling. Who would say things on their page that they would never reveal to anyone’s face?

In the King James Version, Proverbs 18:24 says,

“A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.” KJV

But if you are a student of Scripture, you know that there are other modern revisions that do not say that at all.

Let’s look at Proverbs 18:24 in two more interpretations:

“A man of too many friends comes to ruin, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” NASU

“Some ‘friends’ pretend to be friends, but a true friend sticks closer than a brother.” CJB

But what does the Hebrew say, since none of these three interpretations seem to agree at all?

First know that the Language of the Bible is Hebrew, and that by its nature, likes word play and to have poetic structure, in its describing of thoughts. Second, understand that Hebrew has layers of information waiting to be revealed; Many thoughts that can be all interwoven with each other.

In each of the three verses, this is the Hebrew root word being used:






Remember to read the letters right to left. Resh, Ayin, Ayin. R sound, aah sound, aah sound.

The word has various uses, and its meaning is:

to spoil, to break to pieces; good for nothing; bad physically, socially or morally; to afflict, to associate by mistake, to break down, displease, do harm, hurt, punish, vex, do worse.

So from this Hebrew Word we can get two new insights into this verse!

1.Someone of many friends will hurt himself. He will compromise his values to keep the friends and over time will change his values to please his friends. He will not notice the change, because friendships are more important than values. Peter (Cephas, or Kefa, in Hebrew) compromised his values to please the Jewish converts and began to withdraw from the Gentiles. His move appeared to be spiritual, but he simply did not want to be held in low regard by the other Messianic Jews. The Apostle Paul openly chastised him for it. You may please everyone, but eventually you will at some point stop pleasing God as you once did.


2.Someone of many friends hurts his friends. Real friends are there for support and protection. They not only will tell you if you are a little wrong, but they will tell others that you are a good person, and you are someone who can be trusted. This man, who has too many friends, will hold you at arm’s length if he feels that your relationship with him would ruin a potentially more prosperous one. You are a friend for future use, but only if it is politically, promotionally, or financially expedient.

My mentor and friend Dr. Sutton was a good friend, and a good example of this to me. He called me many times more frequently than I did him. He reveled himself to me and to so many others. At my church services when he came, he was always out with the people talking to them, interacting, and giving a blessing.

Being a good friend is at times real work. But, in an age where too many of us want the whole world as a friend, we should go back to scripture and see what is best for our lives.

I’ll take 3 great friends over 528 any day.



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