David Gonzalez Ministries host our Video On Demand (VOD) on Vimeo. Please follow the below steps to help problem solve video viewing situations.
  1. create or log in to your Vimeo account click here 
  2. optional: change your feed settings click here
    a.) Turn off the "feeds" you do not want to view
    b.) note: your Vimeo account automatically sets your feed to view Vimeo's top picks. By turning this off in your feed settings you will be able to "filter" what shows in your subscription area
  3.Join DGM group on Vimeo click here 
    a.) In upper right hand corner click on "Join this group" in blue box
  4. download Vimeo App on Google Play or on the iTunes App Store
  5. Open you Vimeo App and go to "subscriptions" to easily play all of DGM's VOD
    a.)if you turned off all other "feeds" in step 2 you will only see DGM videos