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The Last Days

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In this Series you will learn the Jewish Feasts are the Pattern for End-Time Events. You will find out that the Rapture is the next Feast Day to be Celebrated!
You will discover what your Immortal Body will be like, where will your Mansion be, and the Millennium Way of Life. You will learn that there is NO FEAR for those who Love God.
You will also discover how much Jesus wanted you to know about these end-time events! You will see the plain as day Revelation concerning these exciting End-Times! The events of 1007 Years neatly laid out and in order!
You will find out who is the Bride of Christ? You will learn about the Wedding Feast & His Guests.

Some of the titles in this series include: 
• "The Season of His Appearing"
• "The Millennium & the Bride" 
• "Life as an Immortal!"
• "The 7 Feasts - God's End Time Pattern"
• "The Marriage Supper of the Lamb"
• "The Antichrist"