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Revelation Revealed by Dr. Hilton Sutton


The most debated and misrepresented book in the Bible, Revelation, is often viewed as a mystical labyrinth of cryptic predictions. Were that true, God did not correctly title the book; He should have titled it 'The Great Mystery - Only a Few Will Ever Know What it Means'. But God titled it correctly - 'Revelation' - and it can be understood with a few simple keys. Dr. Hilton Sutton, renowned expert on prophecy and the end times, makes sense of this dramatic book verse by verse with refreshing understanding and clarity. Simple charts include the chronological events of Revelation as well as individual chapter subject references. The confusion associated with this fascinating book of the Bible will gradually clear as you obtain the five main keys to unlocking the meaning of Revelation. Set yourself free from an unscriptural fear of the end times! Allow the clarity of this book to reveal God's big-picture plan contained in the most dynamic book of the Bible. 280pp