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The Antichrist by Dr. Hilton Sutton


Nothing has created more of a stir of discussion in recent times than the discussion of the future events, and in particular, the Antichrist. With the help and authority of the scriptures, not someone's theology or the speculation of so-called experts, we will discover the exact Biblical identity and characteristics of the Antichrist. We must avoid individual doctrines, individual views or individual 'revelations from God.' We must depend upon exactly what the Word of God says about this important subject matter. All of the information in the Word of God concerning the Antichrist must be important or it would not be there. Please understand this: If it is in the Book, it is important to you. Were it not so, God would not have put it in His Book. This book you are about to read will arm you with chapter and verse concerning everything Satan is doing and planning to do. Stop allowing the devil to deceive and mislead you. Some Christians see the mark of the beast in many things and just know the Antichrist is right outside. Do not be gullible. Be Word-taught and correctly informed. Hardbound Foreword by Kenneth Copeland