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Everybody Needs A Priest

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Everybody Needs A Priest - 2 message set; In this series you will Discover that in God’s heavenly order, the Priest is to bless the people.
· DISCOVER: Any Honor given to Your Priest releases Honor back to you! 
· DISCOVER: That God has hidden WEALTH only for the Faithful Believer!
· DISCOVER: That the Blessing Trumps all warfare against your House
· Find out how the simple act of honoring your Priest will cause you to excel, and how even in the secrets decisions of your heart, you will either bless yourself, or curse yourself, by the same blessing and cursing you share about your Priest.
· Find out that it is the Priesthood that causes you to prosper, and that it is part of God’s Master Plan for you to participate in the weekly rituals of church services and giving!

  Titles in this series include:
• "Everybody Needs A Priest"
• "You Need A Priest"