A Course In Understanding God Maximize

A Course In Understanding God

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In this Series you will: 
• Discover the makeup of God
• Find out that God has form and fashion
• Learn about His physical attributes and design.
• Understand the 3 parts of the Trinity
• Realize that the Holy Spirit is as important as Jesus
• See the nature of God and His personality
• Discover that God is in the world, but not in things
• Hear what lies Satan has told the church concerning God
• Be at Peace with God when you see His Character of Grace

  Titles in this series include:
• "God The Father"
• "The Names Of God"
• "The Lord Our Healer"
• "God Our Shalom"
• "Why Did Jesus Have To Die"
• "Jehovah-Jireh"
• "The Life Of Jesus"