Breaking the Cycle of Offense by Dr. Larry Ollison Maximize

Breaking the Cycle of Offense by Dr. Larry Ollison


Many marriages, homes and churches have been divided because of offense. Sadly, this cycle continues because the offended person rarely realizes that they are the problem. Jesus said in Matthew 18:7 that offenses will come. The issue is not whether or not offense will come, but how we handle them.

To hold on to an offense brings unforgiveness, pain, division, and destruction. Releasing the offense and 'letting it go' will bring peace and unity. God's plan for the believer is to live offense-free. This eye-opening book will liberate you from the fear of hurt and allow you to enjoy the blessing of God. Learn how you can be released from the cycle of offense.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to deal with offensive people.
  • Offense keeps us from fulfilling God's plan in our lives.
  • Offense carries serious repercussions that affect every aspect of our lives.
  • Reasons why we get offended.
  • How to release offense.
  • How to keep from being offended.

Number of pages: 148