When It Seems All Hope Is Gone by Richard Roberts Maximize

When It Seems All Hope Is Gone by Richard Roberts


Does it seem as if there is no way out of your situation? Perhaps you are facing insurmountable financial problems, relationships that look impossible to restore, threatening health challenges, or the loss of something precious. When life seems too difficult to go on, there is hope for you in God.

Richard Roberts, President of Oral Roberts University and co-host of the nightly "Something Good Tonight: The Hour of Healing" broadcast, shares this heartfelt message from his own startling personal experience with hopeless situatios including the death of a child and a university on the verge of bankruptcy. Discover how one of the most prominent ministers of our time came step by step out of these troubling times and how you can trust God for your own recovery. These powerful truths will help you apply the same proven principles to overcome the difficulties in your life.