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The Body Human by Pastor David J. Gonzalez

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In this series you will discover things about the human body.You will find out that the Body is linked to the Earth, and the Earth to the Body as well as the entire fabric of Space. You will learn about the hidden code of the human body. You will find out that you were created, literally invented at the moment of conception only, and so that moment of conception you were given a brand-new body, a brand-new soul, and a brand-new spirit.

You will find out that there are good emotions and Bad emotions, and how they affect the body. 

You will discover that you can be addicted to emotions.

You will learn how to control and cut down your emotions. You will discover that a cheerful heart will put a smile on your face, and can heal the mind and body. You will find out that your understanding of God's word, and His ways will increase with the cheerful heart.