2019 Healing! by Pastor David J. Gonzalez Maximize

2019 Healing! by Pastor David J. Gonzalez


Got something ailing you?  Yahweh’s Word has the cure!  Immerse yourself in HEALING with these 12 powerful messages taken from Wednesday evening Healing Bible Studies of 2019.  Start your road to recovery today!  Play them over and over again in your home.  Create an environment for healing!


  1. Living Well & Eating Well
  2. Simply Ask
  3. The Science of Healing
  4. Healing Comes From The Heart
  5. The Torn Veil
  6. Trying Not To Get Healed
  7. There's A Lot Of Sick People Out There
  8. Imparting Spiritual Gifts
  9. Dunamis and Exousia Healing Power
  10. Draw Near With Boldness To That Throne Of Grace
  11. Why Can't You Hear Me?
  12. Physician Heal Thyself