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In this series you will learn that: 
• You need to have knowledge, belief, and faith in God's word; then you need to act on His word. 
• It is God that gives you power to make wealth. 
• Faith without works is dead, so take your faith and put it into action. 
• You need to talk positive about what you have, and do not curse it. Your tongue and your words operate under a law of heaven, so watch what you say. 
• God gives power that can surprise the most unbelieving heart, so plan on seeing His power regularly in your life. 

• Your spouse and your children are a gift from the Lord, so treat them as the blessings that they are. 
• You have the ability to bring strife or peace into your house. Do what it takes to keep the peace. 

Titles in this series include: 
• "Doers Of The Word"             
• "Seven Positive Faith Confessions" 
• "Bearing Witness" 
• "You Will Prosper If..."