Gods Promises of Financial Peace Maximize

Gods Promises of Financial Peace


Volume I – 13 messages

Are you struggling with your finances or are you curious on what the missing pieces are to your financial prosperity puzzle? In this series you will learn what the missing pieces are, and how to apply God's principles and promises to your finances and the day to day operation in your life. That God’s promise of Debt Free Living is as secure as your Eternal Salvation. You will want to play these messages over and over and also share them with your family and friends.


Volume II – 13 messages

In this second volume, you will STUDY GOD’S HOLY WORD, to see what God says about Money and Finances. You will be shocked to learn what God approves of and encourages, even in the Garden of Eden! 
Your modern theology on Money will completely change as we discover Ancient Wisdom from God’s Holy WORD. You will never be the same again as you see that God overlooked nothing in our life's Commodities to be provided for us! 
Find out how the simple act of honoring your Priest will cause you to excel, and how even in the secrets decisions of your heart, you will either bless yourself, or curse yourself, by the same blessing and cursing you share about your Priest.
Find out that it is the Priesthood that causes you to prosper, and that it is part of God’s Master Plan for you to participate in the weekly rituals of Church services and giving!


The First Fruits – single

- In this intense study, you will learn in one hour the benefits of practicing First Fruits 
- Supernatural increase comes from God creating a way for you that didn’t exist before you gave your best seed
· DISCOVER: That First Fruits was before the Law
· DISCOVER: The Supernatural Key to Vast Returns given prior to the Law.
· DISCOVER: That how we give is related to our level of Trust in God
· DISCOVER: That God’s promise of Debt Free Living is as secure as your Eternal Salvation.
· DISCOVER: That First Fruits is in the New Testament as a Key to Debt Release