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Heaven's Economy

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In this series you will learn that: 
• Inside of you is the capacity to invent great things. You do not have to be in church long to partake in the blessings of God. Every miracle starts with a seed, not with a miracle. 
• Jesus didn't come to give us fish, He came to teach us how to fish. You will learn how to expand yourself on the inside so you can receive all of Gods blessings on the outside. God is not against the rich man. God is against the man who is so self centered that he is rich to himself not to God. 
• Support the person in front of you, and you will be next to receive the blessings. 

Titles in this series include: 
• "God's Imprint In You" 
• "Something Greater Than" 
• "Our Son-ship" 
• "To Establish the Covenant"