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Grace - The Power To Succeed

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In this series you will learn that: 
• God's Grace empowers us to do the impossible through Grace. Learn all about legalism, and how not to fall into religious and powerless doctrine. Discover that Grace keeps you from scratching the itch of sin. Recognize that mercy wipes away the punishment for your sin and Grace empowers you to get blessings that you do not deserve. Then learn to get your faith activated to receive grace. 
• Rediscover that Grace, mercy and truth come from Jesus. Read how Grace builds upon Grace. Find out that Grace removes the power of the law and breaks the powerlessness of sin. Satan does not want you to have the grace. Do not limit the power of God by being self righteous. 
• Find out about what Adam caused to happen when he sinned. 
• Rest in the fact that if God is for you who can be against you? 

Titles in this series include: 
• "Faith To Defeat Sin" 
• "Grace Upon Grace" 
• "Grace Conquers Faith"