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Volume I

In this series you will learn: 
• That God has called you to be a king, a priest, a minister and a witness. He expects you to be dominion minded. Dominion means having authority over the earth, authority over the animals, authority over your enemies and authority over yourself. The authority is given to every heir of Abraham, and every believer of Jesus Christ.
• You will find out that faith recaptures the dominion you are supposed to have. Find out how much God is desiring to put into your hand, and that He wants to give you your inheritance. God cannot give to you if you are not willing to receive. 

• The mind of man plans his way, but God directs his steps. 
• You are wired to win, not to lose. You will learn how to qualify to get God's Blessing that He wants you to have. 

Titles in this series include: 
• "Step Into Your Blessing" 
• "Possess Your Inheritance" 
• "Having All Sufficiency" 
• "You Qualify" 


Volume II

In this series you will learn: 
• That God expects you renew your thinking to become dominion minded. He wants you to learn to use His power to have authority over all the earth, over all of God’s creation. Rediscover that Satan is the one who causes the problems in the earth, God on the other hand is the problem solver. 
• Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Your tongue and your words have the same explosive power as the splitting of the atom. 
• Also learn that you are to learn how to roll your cares over onto Jesus, for He cares for you. Learn not to worry and to put all your trust in Him. God is Love. Practice casting all your anxiety on Him, Because He cares for you. 
• That the mind of man plans his way, but God directs his steps.

Titles in this series include: 
• "The Benefits of a Clean Conscience" 
• "The Chain reaction of Words" 
• "Hasn't God Proven His Faithfulness Yet?" 
• "The Role of Biblical Prosperity"