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Biblical Hebrew Step-by-Step, 2 Volumes


Part 1 of a one year program in biblical Hebrew. Volume 1 introduces the Hebrew alphabet, basic vocabulary and grammar, and simple translation exercises. To augment the basic stress on grammatical structure, readings skills, comprehension, and vocabulary, the author has added special sections on the development of the Hebrew language and its relationship to other ancient Semitic languages. Also included are carefully selected passages of Biblical prose and tables showing the basic patterns of verbs and nouns. Menahem Mansoor, professor emeritus of Hebrew and Semitic studied, taught at the University of Wisconsin in Madison for twenty-seven years. He earned the Ph.D degree from Trinity College in Dublin and has written more than twenty-five textbooks and monographs.

Part 2 of a one year program in biblical Hebrew. Volume 2 includes 20 readings from Genesis along with more vocabulary, explanatory notes, exercises, study notes and review lessons. One supplement treats the seven verb patterns in Hebrew; others are a table of plurals of irregular nouns that appear in the readings, a table of irregular verbs, Hebrew-English and English Hebrew vocabulary, and a key to "self-correcting exercises." The text is designed for classroom or independent use, undergraduate or graduate students, by one who has taught the subject for twenty years.