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Discovering Ancient Prophecies by Dr. Hilton Sutton


Many today are turning to astrologers, psychics, and fortune-tellers, attempting to satisfy their natural human curiosity about the future. Thoroughly devoid of any power to prophesy the future, such pseudo-sages are limited to enchanting gullible souls by communicating with familiar spirits that can really only describe past events. Aside from liberating people from their finances, these charlatans can do nothing except deceive and confuse. But there is a proven source of accurate knowledge of the future, so accurate that it has described hundreds of different future events in fine detail over a span of thousands of years. And it has as much, or more, to say about events yet to come! Have you ever wondered about your future? 'Discovering Ancient Prophecies' will introduce you to mankind's most reliable predictor of future events, the Prophecies of the Scripture. Join Dr. Hilton Sutton as he shares insight from these ancient prophecies. 124pp.