Mountain Faith Church is a powerful Spirit-filled church located in the heart of the Midwest. We minister the power of God through Faith, Hope, and Love. Broadcasting our very own program Mountain Faith Living for 20 years, we minister to millions through TELEVISION, VIMEO, LIVE INTERNET viewing, and stations throughout the Mid-West.

Come here and discover that Christianity is the "thinking mans" religion! Learn that the relationship of the Creation account, Faith in God, and our Future Hope are all related. Learn how to walk a faith-filled life right now!

Join us, as we unveil the roots of the Hebrew Bible, discover the Jesus of ancient Israel, and see how the Old Testament prophesied the events in the New Testament. In this ministry, you'll discover the future prophesies of the Tribulation, the Millennium, and the White Throne Judgment, can easily be identified in the Gospels!

Pastor David Gonzalez reaches millions of people every year with the Gospel of Faith and Power. Ministries include Television , Worldwide ROKU and VIMEO stations, and Worldwide LIVE Internet streaming. Check us out on our Facebook Pages, including BEGINNERS HEBREW.

With a vision to see a complete change in the spiritual climate for the entire Midwest, Mountain Faith Ministries Partners and Members have provided for Pastor David Gonzalez to reach millions of people yearly. Come and be a part of a powerful ministry on the move and walking in the Holy Spirit.

To WATCH US LIVE, join us Sundays and Wednesdays, for exciting revelation from the Bible!


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