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Included is the 4 CD set YHVH - The Name of God Found 7,000 Times In The Bible & The Book 30 Days Praying The Our Father

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By taking this 30 Day Course in Prayer, you are about to spend the next 30 Days, and the rest of your life, in a heightened relationship with God. You will need anywhere from 10 minutes in the beginning, up to 30 minutes daily, to start your training to powerful prayer.  Later, you may discover that you can pray for an hour with ease! 

Many books have been written on the subject of prayer throughout time, yet today we still grapple with connecting with God, and having a worthwhile relationship with Him. This book has been written for just such a purpose, to learn to interact with God and to develop a deep relationship with Him, as your God, “Your Father”, and your Friend.

I believe that everyone daily should recite the “Our Father”.  I believe it not only aligns us with God on a regular basis, but the prayer also realigns our thinking as to what we should be thinking on a multitude of subjects.

There is room on every Day to write your personal requests to pray for. You will find that this book will become your personal daily prayer journal for years to come.