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Unbroken Curses By: Rebecca Brown


Think curses can't affect those in the church? Think again. Part of the reason that curses can affect us is precisely because we do not think they can; if we don't know that a curse has been placed on us (which is not only possible, but likely as well), we will never seek to remove it. If a curse does exist in our life, we must recognize it before we can even attempt to remove it. This is why Rebecca Brown and her husband Daniel Yoder have written this book. They hope to empower all Christians to both recognize curses and remove them from our lives. And they can be removed, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus.
What exactly is a curse, and how does a curse affect our lives? Brown and Yoder have a good deal of experience with curses, and they share their experiential stories as descriptions of curses and the way they manifest themselves in our lives, including physical and psychological afflictions, spiritual torment, etc. They define the kinds of curses which can affect Christians, and the purpose of curses. Their listing of sources or roots of curses is extensive, and sobering, as is the exposition of Satan's rights in our lives because of our sin (or the sins of our ancestors)--when we sin we give the devil a foothold (see Eph. 4). Brown and Yoder also describe, in detail, several types of curses, and how to recognize and defeat them.
Throughout this book, Brown and Yoder emphasize the importance of dependence upon the Holy and the power and authority that has been given to all Christians by Jesus Himself. Efforts to determine the presence of a curse must be made in dependence upon God's revalatory Spirt, and efforts to remove a curse must be made in God's sovereign power. In their own experience, Brown and Yoder have made a habit of this type of dependence, and it has fostered invaluable insight about the nature of curses and their removal. They share their knowledge out of a passion to help the church remove all vestiges of evil from within itself, in the hopes that all Christians will experience the true freedom that is possible, particularly in the matter of freedom from curses. Though Satan may have certain rights in our lives because of sin, he can be kicked out of our lives for good by God, because God is sovereign over His creation. And when God reveals the presence of a curse, He does it to bring freedom. So allow God to break the power of curses in your life.