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Soul Winning

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In this series you will learn how you live can be a testimony to others of what having Jesus in your life accomplishes. You will discover that when you lead people to Christ then it will be easy to lead them to church so they grow up in Christ. You will learn that if you don’t have power from Jesus you can’t win souls to Jesus!
Healing and soul winning are connected. You will find out that you can expect the healing and when you pray confess the healing. You will discover that when praying for someone to get healing, they are saved at the moment they are prayed for. Your sins are forgiven when you receive prayer for healing.
Soul winning is also to love your neighbor as yourself. Soul winning is a symptom of the wisdom from God. Soul winning adds zing to your life. Soul winning takes advantage of prayers that have been said for 2,000 years. Soul winners make the world a safer place.

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Titles in this series include:
• "How to be a Soul Winner"
• "How to Pray for the Sick"
• "How to Witness & Pray for the Lost"
• "Ten Blessings for Soul Winners"