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Angels - Offer 134

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In this series you will learn how you can discern if the Angels of God are helping you. 

You will find out about the myths that surround the concepts of Angels, and discover that Angels Are the Messengers and Deputies of God. They are Deputized to Carry out Instructions and Carry out His High Commands.  

God’s angels have never fallen, therefore unlike mankind, Angels are still in their original state of Glory.

Find out more how angels are helping you all the time!

Learn this and a whole lot more in this powerful and revealing series on “Angels”.

  1. Responsibility of Angels
  2. What Angels Think About
  3. What Angels Dislike
  4. Angels to the Rescue
  5. Angelic Deliverance & Direction
  6. Angels in the Apocalypse
  7. Angels in Revelation
  9. Angels & the Rapture
  10. Angels & the Millennium
  11. Angels & Eternity