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End Time Expectations by Pastor David J Gonzalez

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Throughout the Old and New Testament there are prophecies, shadows and types, and advice provided for the Saints for what to expect in the last days.  This series discusses those points and teaches why you should not tribulate prior to the tribulation, but rejoice because this is when we the saints meet Jesus in the air at His return. 

You will learn more about getting your glorified body, Jesus ruling and reigning, the millennium, and spiritual drowsiness. You will even become more familiar with the Holy Spirit and His role in the past, present, and future, and how He has and will always be striving with humankind.

Pastor David Gonzalez's study, "End Time Expectations" includes comparisons between these last days and the days of Noah, and how to keep the quality of your salvation.  

Titles in this series include:

  • A Thief In The Night
  • The Holy Spirit's End-Time Ministry
  • A Time Will Come When
  • Last Days Assignments & Calling
  • No Excuse for Jews or Gentiles