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Entertaining Angels - Offer 122

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In this series you will discover how the Holy Spirit and Jesus, have intended angels to work in the lives of both saved and unsaved humans, since the beginning of time.   Pastor Gonzalez uncovers many interesting facts that God wants you to know, of how angels interact with you, before and after your salvation.You will also find out that the presence of the Holy Spirit is there to give you the authority to renounce sin and live a clean life.  Discover the Role of Angels during the Rapture of the Church and find out that the wrath of God upon the Earth and its' Inhabitants, during the Seven Year Tribulation, will be solely carried out by His angels!   Learn also the Role of Angels in the Return of Yeshua, and the one hour event in the Valley of Armageddon; See the setting up of the Millennium Reign, and the new life Mankind will begin to live, as angels continue to assist humanity.  You will learn this and so much more in the series 'Entertaining Angels'.