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Special Offer 115

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In this Offer you will receive the excellent 7 CD series “I Know Who Made That!”, and the Free Bonus CD “God's Jubilee Rest” by Pastor David Gonzalez, along with “The Answers Book” by Ken Ham. 
In the 7 CD series “I Know Who Made That!” by Pastor David Gonzalez. You will discover that science and the Bible do agree, and that it did not take millions of years for the earth, plants, and animals to develop. You will see through this teaching that there could only be 6 days for the creation of the earth, plants, animals, sun, moon, and stars. 
You will also receive the Free Bonus CD entitled “God's Jubilee Rest” by Pastor Gonzalez. In this teaching you will learn about the special use of the number 7 in scripture. Discover the purpose of rest day every 7days, and also the purpose behind the Sabbath year rest and the year of Jubilee. 
In addition, You’ll also receive the excellent book appropriately entitled, “The Answers Book” by Ken Ham. The Answers Book addresses 20 of the most-asked questions concerning Genesis and the creation/evolution issues. Among the questions answered: Does God exist? What about the arguments for evolution? Was the flood global? Where are all the human fossils? Did God really take six days? These Questions are answered and so much more.